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580 King St W
Toronto, ON, M5V 1M1


Loy-elle-ty Program

Elle Extra's
Your Loy-Elle-ty Program

Share on Social Media.  Get Points
Take a Class.  Get Points
Squat Super-Low.  Get Points

Available Rewards
Free Week for a Friend - 550 Points
Free Month for a Friend - 1800 Points
Elle BaseBall Cap - 1440 Points
Personal Training Session -1800 Points
Glow on the Go Spray Tan ($60 value)- 2500 Points

Hammam Spa Gift Card ($50) - 2500 Points
Private Party -8000 Points


About the Program
Our rewards program is designed to be a super fun way to get you engaged and interacting with your Elle community.  You can earn points for taking classes, posting on our social media, attending an Elle event and even for getting a call out from the instructor for doing a great job in class.  Your points are automatically loaded onto your account and you can redeem your points for a variety of awesome rewards.  We’ve partnered with Perkville to bring you Elle’s reward program.  To get started you’ll simply need to click on the “Rewards Login” button to set up an account and start earning points.  


Earning Reward Points
Join the Program
Take a Class
Take a Workshop
Personal Training
Tweet About Us
Post on Our Facebook
Attend an Elle Event
Refer a Friend*
Instructor Call Out

*who purchases



Purchasing Points
20 Class Punchcard
10 Class Punchcard
5 Class Punchcard

1 per $
1 per $
1 per $