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580 King St W
Toronto, ON, M5V 1M1



group classes

TRX. Boot Camp. Plyometrics. Dance. Cardio. Strength Training. Boxing.

Group Classes
55 min

What sets elle apart is our truly amazing instructors each hand picked for their knowledge, charisma and ability to motivate!  We offer a variety of classes all involving different equipment and styles of training so you never plateau or get bored. Our classes are structured to cater to all fitness levels from novice to the pro.   

Abs, Legs & Booty 

High intensity (but low impact) class focused on shedding fat and building muscle in our lower body working from the ribs down!

We use targeting combos to put the burn and pump in those legs while working to lift and tighten the booty all with an emphasis on the core to bring the belly and waist in tighter.

Equipment: Hand weights, kettle bells, bender balls, balance balls, gliding discs, mat

Arms, Abs & Ass

Squat, pushup, curl and crunch your way to a killer summer body.   Cardio is a must if you actually want to see you abs. 

Ripped Abs
Sculpted Arms
Tight Ass

Bikini Boot Camp

High intensity combination of cardio, plyometrics, and weight/resistance training. 

Equipment: Dumbbells, gliders 

Bodies by Elle

Are you up for the challenge of this super intense and incredibly effective high intensity interval training class?

Combining boot camp drills and treadmill intervals you’ll go a full 55 minutes of  fat melting, muscle sculpting madness.  Come prepare to sweat, come prepared to work, come prepared to be transformed.  #bodiesbyelle

Body Blast

Weight training, muscle endurance and strength building. Focus on sculpting and toning. 

Equipment: Dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls

Core & Cardio

High intensity intervals of cardio and core work. Short power intervals keeps the heart rate up and maximize calorie burn. 

Equipment: Weights, gliders

Core Machine

 A Specialized Circuit class with the best mix of killer cardio and high rep strength exercises that focus on core stability.

Equipment: Treadmills, weights, gliders, balance balls, and resistance bands.

Hard Ass

Lower body focus. Working on the booty, with the booty comes the legs. Squats, lunges, step ups, jumps, donkey kicks.  Because we are focusing on the larger muscle groups we are lifting heavy weights. 

Equipment: Dumbbells, Gliders, bands, chairs

Hip Hop With $2 Cocktails

A fast-paced, super fun, social class to learn Hip Hop dance movements in a vibrant environment with $2 cocktails for you to enjoy!  You’ll learn choreography from beginning to end, we focus on the same routine for 3 weeks, each week you come back we start from the beginning so new comers can easily pick up the routine and returning clients can just focus on dancing. 


HIIT Hop is a high intensity workout driven by epic hip hop beats! Get ready to spice up your traditional squats and drop it low in this HIIT Hop inspired class. No matter your dance experience, this class is perfect to try out some new moves and still get a killer workout with high intensity interval training techniques.

Hottie Body Boxing

Circuit class focuses on full body conditioning.  We work on individual goals as well as partner work to push you to the next level. 

Equipment: Skipping ropes, pads, gloves, wraps, EQ bars

**Gloves will be shared with partners in class- we encourage you to bring your own


Let’s hit the weights. Build your strength, build your muscles, burn calories, get lean. How? LIFT HEAVY. We’re building strong, powerful women over here. Let’s GO!

Lean Machine

Full body strength and conditioning circuit class using timed intervals and stations to kick your whole body into gear.

Pop Zumba

Pop Zumba combines motivating music with unique moves and combinations letting you dance away your worries. Done to the most popular music of today, featuring aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Pop Zumba is an incredibly fun, easy and effective class-you'll feel rejuvenated after this high energy hour.